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CSSC Welsh Government Rebates

(April 01, 2019)

Piggy Bank

Please remember to submit your summer rebates in the first 2 weeks of June. Final date for rebates to be submitted is Friday 14th June 2019.

We are aware there is a delay in payments for Quarter 4 (Sept 2018 – Nov 2018) and Quarter 1 (Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 ) due to us awaiting our next CSSC Grant. Submitted claims have been received and payment will be made.

We are always looking for help if you would like to join our team then please get in touch.

May we take this opportunity to remind members of the guidance for submitting personal leisure claims:

  • Subsidies are at the discretion of the DA and reliant on available funds and therefore not guaranteed.
  • Leisure claims can include theatre, concerts, watching sporting events and activities such as bowling, go karting, high ropes etc. in the UK only.
  • Leisure claims exclude meals, holidays, spa breaks, cinema, shopping trips etc. 
  • Leisure claims are restricted to a maximum face value of £50 per ticket – so if your ticket cost £70 you will only be able to claim up to £50 which is a rebate of £13 as per the subsidy rates.
  • Receipts or proof of purchase must be included with the claim form, and clearly show the date and name of event/activity and cost.
  • Claims can only be made after the event.
  • Booking Fees are not included, and should be deducted from claim.
  • Two tickets can be claimed per month of attendance for leisure claims – so you can either take a partner to a single event or claim for two different events for yourself. Or one family ticket per month.
  • Leisure claims cannot exceed a total of £100 per annum (Dec – Nov).
  • Only one claim form will be accepted per quarter for each member and it must be received within the following timescales:

In addition to above, to encourage Health & Wellbeing we do accept one claim per month for participation in sporting activities (such as Tough Mudder), competitions (such as marathons) or block bookings for exercises classes in accordance with the subsidy rates.  Gym membership is not included.

Any claim received after the agreed submission period will be returned to you.

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